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Congratulations! Your Viking Soul Cask has been reserved!

This message arrived in an email on July 10, 2018 and it triggered a burst of nine phone calls within twenty minutes – and the CMWS was unknowingly born!…

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2011, Single Cask 2007/2011 «50OF5» Whisky Club


2016, Single Cask 25yo 1999/2016 «50OF5» Whisky Club

Refill Bourbon

2022 - plan, Private Cask 2018/2022 «50OF5» Whisky Club

Quarter Peated

2022 - plan, Private Cask 2016/2022 «50OF5» Whisky Club

Old well

TBD 2021 plan, CMWS



Highland Park Viking Soul Casks on the way – we expect the bottles from the two casks of the HP’s program for 2020/21 mid March. True to tradition, they will bear the labels «ÒRAN NA BOII» II and III. Comparing the firkins I (from 2018), II and III is guaranteed to be lots of fun!

For April 2021 (the date of the 10th Whisky Festival CZ) we targeted the delivery of two GlenAllachie casks that Billy Walker agreed to offer to us in Prague in Nov 2019. Thanks to great effort by the distillery staff, we are ahead of our schedule (despite corona).

We defitnitely stay positive in our mind, yet the situation with importing whisky from Scotland to EU has gone pretty complicated after brexit on Jan-1, the learning curve about new processes being pretty bumpy on all sides.

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Smart Investment

Whiskey has the advantage that it is not devalued, its life is endless. Its price is only rising.

Martin Kovář

Have fun

It’s a lot of fun to do share a whisky cask within a club. And it’s double fun to share the experience - from selecting the cask to opening the first bottle - with enthusiasts from many clubs across a few countries!

Petr Hošek

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Interested in possible participation in our society’s activities? Contact us at the email below or come and talk to us at one of the whisky events in Central Europe.

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Czech Malt Whisky Society



Czech Malt Whisky Society has been established with the goal to bring together fans of whisky who aspire for more than the core ranges offered by distillers, and hand-in-hand with distilleries select extraordinary private whisky casks for ourselves.

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